Mayenza is a family owned and operated business that has rose to become one of Melbourne's most reputable brands in painting services because of the devotion to efficiency, professionalism and attention to detail we offer to our thousands of satisfied clients.

With experienced and skilled employees with over 20 years in industry knowledge, enthusiasm and appreciation, we offer more then just your standard painting job, it is our passion to only entail in the highest quality work. 

We help assist our clients with some of the most delicate decisions based on improving your home, your greatest asset, making it a calm and efficient process of transforming the project that you desire bringing it from imagination to reality.

We only work with high quality paints and coatings and offer extremely competitive pricing, making us Melbournes first choice in premier painting services. Discover the beauty of colour and invoke the imagination with Mayenza today. 

Interiors - Exteriors - Commercial - Industrial Coatings - Sandblasting - High Pressure Washing

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Our locations - all metro suburbs of Melbourne

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